ADA Accessibility

The Palladium ADA section located on our lower level provides unobstructed views of the main stage. Patrons who will require accessible accommodations and one companion should purchase one “General Admission” ticket each for access to the ADA section. Please email us at with any questions or to make advance arrangements.

The Palladium Main Stage

Patrons access the ADA section via our accessibility entrance, which is located on the side of the building. Upon arrival to the venue, Patrons may express to venue staff that they’d like to use the ADA section, and our staff will guide them through that entrance. This entrance is located a very short distance away from the ADA section. Our main bar and artist merchandise areas are located within close proximity to the ADA section, and are mobility aid accessible.

The Palladium Outdoors

Patrons access the Outdoor ADA section through the Main entrance. There are no stairs required to get to the ADA section, making it mobility-aid friendly. There is a wheelchair ramp/riser to provide a clear view of the stage. There are accessible toilet facilities located conveniently within the ADA section, as well as concession stand.